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     They are designed to turn the workpiece in PA (Horizontal on the ground),PB (Fillet Position) etc, position in order to obtain quality and fast weldings seams. It offer the abilities to move in two independent axes,rotations,and angular positioning.
  The standard capacities available of Axial positioner is 100 kg - 10 Ton.

     VP is designed to be positioned at the appropriate welding position for workpieces of different capcities depending on their volumetric sizes. It is a system that reduces the installation time and reduces the need for cranes and operators.
    The standard capacities available of Vertical Positioner is 500 kg - 5000 kg.

    TT positioners are designed for workpieces with cylindrical geometries of different capacities.
     The standard capacities available of Horizantal Positioner is 1 Ton - 50 Ton.

     It is designed for reaching hard to reach welding points and volumetric workpieces. Thanks to its 3 axes, almost all welding positions also allow work.
  The standard capacities available of Hydraulic Positioner is 1 Ton - 10 Ton.

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