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ROBOtic welding SYSTEM

Robotic Welding Systems Which Technologies Contain:

  • Arm Type 6 Axis (6DOF) Robots

  • Smart Robot Accessories

  • Gantry Type Robots (Column, Pillar, Gantry, Crane Type)

  • Slider Robot Axes

  • Robot Positioners

  • Process (Welding) Machine Technologies

  • Side Process Equipment

  • Smart Process Sensors and Machine Vision Technologies

  • Monitoring and Data Collection Hardware and Software

  • Robotic Based Process Software

  • Offline Programming Software and Compatible Technologies

  • Fixture and / or Fixing Apparatus

  • Robotic Tool Changers

  • Security systems

  • Integrated Industrial Fume Extraction and Filtering Systems

  • Digital Transformation Technologies

  • Related Statistics


Currently, "Magnetic Inert Gas (MAG)" or "Gas Arc Welding" are the most widely used welding methods due to their high speeds and build-up duration. Using this machine can be done manually, mechanized, or with robot assistance.With the development of industrial robot technology and systems, the welded production process known as the “MIG / MAG” or “Gas Arc Welding” method has quickly found its place in the field of robotics. As a reliable and efficient production technology, it is continuously improved with new methods, hardware and software technologies.


CMT is a proprietary MIG / MAG welding technology.​ It is a unique welding method that can weld metal​ sheets as thin as 0,5 cm. It is designed to generate up to​ 90% less heat input than conventional systems, better​ stitching and penetration, faster welding and a unique​ parameter experience.​

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