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We focus on industrial robot-based solutions that metalworking industries need in their production processes . With the Robot Automation it makes our works easier, accurate, and flexible...

Robot never tired which is the best solution for everyone!


Robotik MIG/MAG Welding 

Single / Tandem / Twin

Using excellent welding regulation, we are able to provide high gap-filling performance and a higher welding speed.

Robotik Laser :Laser - Hybrid Welding.png

Robotic Laser /

Laser–Hybrid Welding

Coldwire / Hot Wire / Std.


Nowadays the laser welding technology is becoming more

and more important in terms of meeting high expectations

such as speed, precision, strength, penetration and gap fill.

Robotic Resistance / Laser Spot Welding

MDFC / Fiber Laser

The latest technology Laser-Seam-Stepper (LSS) or long stitch laser spot systems are on the way. These technologies will enable First Class industrial products that will be applicable to robotics with the advantages of safety and not requiring additional hardware or cost. manufacturing technologies.

Robotic Resistance:Laser Spot.png

Robotik TIG Welding 

With / without additional wire


manual TIG welding requires precise workmanship makes it an ideal candidate for robot welding, which enables you to enjoy the advantages of high penetration, high speed and minimum spatter with perfect accuracy. We are ready to offer advanced TIG process solutions for all industries with Arc Voltage control technology and robotic integrated intelligent tuning systems developed especially for thin and advanced materials.

Robotik TIG Welding.png
Robotic CMT Welding.png

Robotic CMT Welding

Single / Tandem / Twin

CMT is a proprietary MIG / MAG welding technology.
It is a unique welding method that can weld metal

sheets as thin as 0,5. It is designed to generate up to
90% less heat input than conventional systems, better stitching and penetration, faster welding and a unique parameter experience.

Robotic 3D Metal Forming:3D Part Generation:Coating .png

Robotic 3D Metal Forming / 3D Part Generation / Coating

Single / Tandem / Twin

Although cladding technology is relatively new, the fore-runner of innovation in the robotic welding industry, offers a perfect experience for metal part generation and coating operations on CAD-CAM basis. This process enables more than 60% savings in unnecessary machining time and workmanship.

Robotic Pre-heating

Materials with higher thickness and thermal conductivity tend to be susceptible to hydrogen brittleness in the case of rapid cooling. Hydrogen brittleness can often occur under and on the sides of the penetration zone and transverse cracks can occur even days after welding. Preheating reduces the cooling rate by preparing the main material against these events, thus revealing a ductile structure.

Robotic Preheating.png

Robotic Laser / Plasma Cutting

Single / Tandem / Twin

where the combination of robot and laser technology with control engineering has created a process that is as efficient and more flexible than standard cutting machines: Cad/CAM Controlled 3D Robotic Laser Cutting System.With this technology, it is possible to obtain excellent path accuracy for holes as low as 5 mm in diameter. This system makes it possible to perform cuts in difficult to reach locations, with much more favorable conditions than standard machines and additional superior features.

Robotic laser:Plasma Cutting.png
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