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We offer a turnkey game changing solution for gantry type robotic cutting and welding systems. These are cutting and welding systems for manufacturing your parts by involving:  

  • 6-axis high accuracy cutting robot,

  • Plasma, laser or water-jet cutting system and equipments.

  • Giraffe Motion GPR Series Gantry Robot System

  • Robot integration units for welding & cladding are possible.

This system will assist you in the fabrication and production of pressure vessels, tank manufacturing, cutting, welding and cladding jobs. Utilizing robotic technology will make a big difference in your production process. By using the system, segment edges can be cut in a fraction of the time and other big advantages can be gained by manufacturers of spherical tanks. Robotics offer excellent benefits for an extremely excellent prices.

We also provide mechanical designs, automation, robotization, electrification, mechanical manufacturing, quality control, assembly-disassembly, till packaging and logistics as per each company's requirement.

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